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Metrosoft Customer Support Database application has been upgraded.
New features include visual ticket progress tracking, presentation of projected response time, helpful notifications during creation of new posts and improved email notifications. Just log-in to experience new version.

Windows 2012 R2

We are proud to announce that Metrosoft® Fundsphere Core components successfully passed Microsoft's Windows 2012 and SQL 2012 Server Platform Ready tests. Fundsphere Navigator and Lite are now Windows 2012 Certified.

About the Heartbleed
The so-called Heartbleed Bug (CVE-2014-0160) is based on a flaw in OpenSSL libraries, and as such does not affect Metrosoft web applications or services as they don't use affected OpenSSL code. Metrosoft tested their services i.e. Metrosoft CSD, JIRA, e-mail system etc. Additionally they are all located behind front-end servers (proxies, web servers redirectors) that are not open to this type of attack, because they don't use OpenSSL libraries.

As of May 15, 2012 Metrosoft® portals and services comply with IPv6 specifications. By supporting this next-generation internet protocol that enables end-to-end security and improves mobility support, Metrosoft® continues utilizing the latest internet technologies. Click here to find out more about IPv6.
Metrosoft designed the Customer Support Database for your convenience. The secure two-way communication feature of the CSD interface allows you to contact us and receive our responses while keeping informed everyone interested in the process. The attachment functionality allows for secure file transfer including speedy delivery of update packages. CSD also maintains correspondence records and a clear communication thread allowing you to easily access historical messages.
The Fundsphere® product suite designed specifically to serve the needs of the financial industry continues to evolve. Our systems are used by leading financial services firms worldwide. Visit us at metrosoft.com to learn more about our product offering and how Fundsphere® can help streamline your operations.

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